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As the country tries to cope with the spread of the Covid-19 virus, information and advice changes daily.
Following guidelines from the government on the 23/09/2020 with regards to reducing social contact to a minimum, AA groups may choose (through their group conscience) to cancel meetings.At present upto 15 people are allowed at face to face meetings these meetings are listed below: Just to updates all groups shoul be following guidelines from GSO and the meeting venues, hand sanitising, face mask, 2 meter safe distance and one way system where possible pease email me with any changes to your meeting at THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP UPDATED


Weymouth - Monday - 13.30pm now open -face to face. covid -19 restrictions in place max 15 people only. meeting
Bridport - Monday - 19.45 -21.00- zoom meeting-ID-267-719-5642 password-meditation. join 15 mins before.
Dorchester - Monday - 19.45-21.00-zoom meeting-ID694-344 6574 password-ODAAT join 10 mins before start.
Gillingham - Monday - 19.30 -20.30-zoom meeting ID-908-732-6719 password 1231926. covid-19 restrictions
Portland - Monday - 19.30 - Now open -face to face covid-19 restrictions in place max 10 people only
blandford - Tuesday - 19.30 - Now open face to face covid restrictions in place max 15 people
Dorchester - Tuesday - 12.30 - now open face to face covid-19 restrictions in place max 15 people only

Weymouth Tuesday 7.30PM-9.00pm now open face to face covid-19 restrictions in place max 15 people only.
Shaftesbury - Tuesday - 20.00 - 21.00pm (replaced with a zoom ID-639-705-184 password-008895 join 10 mins before start.
Swanage - Tuesday - 19.45 - zoom ID-836-5310-1833 password Swanage.


Bridport - Wednesday -Living sober 12.30 -13.30pm -zoom meeting 847 5821 5644 10 mins before start.
Weymouth - Wednesday - 19.30 -now open face to face meeting covid-19 restrictions in place max 15 people only
>Sherborne Wednesday 7pm-8pm zoom ID-557-675-851 password Bill
w Dr Bob (case sensitive) join 10 mins before

Charmouth Step Study Meeting - Wednesday - 7.00 - 8.00 - Zoom: Meeting ID: 325 994 281 Password: 245915 Please join 5 mins before start. The tech host will admit you at the beginning of meeting. Please remember people will see your full name if you have set your Zoom ID up with your full name. We would prefer it for members to have video enabled and to have their first name displayed when joining
Corfe castle- pass it on face to face meeting. Esh.shares and aa literature, discussion once a month

Dorchester - Thursday - 7pm-8pm -zoom meeting ID-84469988548
Password Bill w Dr Bob join 10 mins before start
Littlemore - Thursday - 19.30 Now open- 15 people only. Covid guidelines in place
Shaftesbury - Thursday - 19.30 -21.00- zoom meeting ID-986--795-306 password-417089. please join 10 mins before.


Dorchester - Friday - 12.00 - Cancelled until further notice
Puddletown - Friday - 19.30 -21.00 zoom meeting- Meeting ID 842 457 8886 password 015709 .
Wareham - Friday - 19.45-21.00 zoom ID-284-253-904 password 575937 join 10 mins before
Weymouth - Came to believe newcomers meeting 7.30pm-8.30pm friday zoom online ID-279-811-9271 password 222222 speakers from the uk and around the world.


Dorchester - Saturday - 11.00 - Cancelled until further notice
Lyme Regis - Saturday - 08.30 -9.30am zoom- ID-83769436931 :chips4Breakfastplease password-955271join 10 mins before.
Portland - Saturday - 17.30 - face to face open
Weymouth Littlemore - Saturday - 19.30 - Cancelled until further notice


Gillingham - Sunday - 19.00 -Zoom Meeting-ID 562 205 0224 password sundaygill. Join 10 mins before. Max 15 people only.
Weymouth - Sunday - 12.30 - 1.30pm Keys to the kingdom now open.arrive early Covid-19 checks in place. max 15 people only Sturminster Newton 11.00 am-12.30pm Zoom- 83744309574 password Stur2021

Alternative online meetings can be found at:
Find a Meeting | Alcoholics Anonymous - Great Britain

If you want to start an online meeting for your group please see this link: Guidance on starting a Skype meeting

For a view from GSO on Covid-19, please see the below:

Tradition 12: Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

The spiritual substance of anonymity is sacrifice. Because A.A’s Twelve Traditions repeatedly ask us to give up personal desires for the common good, we realize that the sacrificial spirit – well symbolized by anonymity – is the foundation of them all. It is A.A.’s proved willingness to make these sacrifices that gives people their high confidence in our future.

From Tradition Twelve, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions


The General Service Office has been receiving enquiries from members regarding the effect of COVID-19 (coronavirus) virus, and how it might impact meetings.

While appreciating the concerns of the membership, The General Service Office does not have access to any information that is not currently publicly available and would encourage members to consider the advice given by their relevant governments and health services across Europe.

Regarding Anonymity, at all times Groups are encouraged to co-operate with medical authorities, therefore if a member of a group is requested to supply names of members to relevant authorities for the purpose of checking who has been in contact with whom for tracking COVID 19 spread it is suggested that the Group hold a conscience about the dissemination of Group member identities. -

Therefore, the advice is for each member or group to inform themselves on best practice for meetings by seeking proper medical advice from the responsible authority. However, we are aware of the actions that some groups are taking across the service structure and these include:-

• They are restricting physical contact, shaking hands, holding hands, hugging, etc.

• Suggesting that members who think they may be at risk of having contracted the virus stay away from meetings until they are sure they are clear.

• Suggesting that members who may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of the virus consider their personal safety before attending meetings.

• Where members are unable to attend for any reason, that the Group stay in contact, perhaps by phone, email or some form of social media as appropriate

• Making use of online facilities – this has included regular face to face meetings converting to an online format as a result of moment restriction in their area.

• Attending one of the many existing online meetings - a list of those meetings registered with GSO can be found on our website at
Find a Meeting | Alcoholics Anonymous - Great Britain
Find a Meeting. Please select a county or time using the tools to the right to search our database. Search results will appear here and placemarks will indicate locations of meetings in the interactive map above.

In all of the suggestions above it is probably easier if they are discussed in advance so the group is prepared for any eventuality. As with most things, they are best facilitated by the group talking about them.

278 As Bill sees it: Speak up without Fear

“Few of us are anonymous so far as our daily contacts go. We have dropped anonymity at this level because we think our friends and associates ought to know about A.A. and what it has done for us. We also wish to lose the fear of admitting that we are alcoholics. Though we earnestly request reporters not to disclose our identities, we frequently speak before semi-public gatherings. We wish to convince audiences that our alcoholism is a sickness we no longer fear to discuss before anyone.

If, however, we venture beyond this limit, we shall surely lose the principle of anonymity forever. If every A.A. felt free to publish his own name, picture, and story, we would soon be launched upon a vast orgy of personal publicity.”